Subcommune Launches New Version for Android

Jan 30, 2014, JERSEY CITY, N.J. – The revamped version of the state-of-the art educational app, Subcommune, has been released. The new Subcommune has a swanky new design and comes loaded with new features to give a fresh boost to English learning with expertly curated subtitles. Watching videos to learn English with this new version looks like a fun experience.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store today, Jan 30, 2014 onwards. And it is free!

Customized Content for Learning

Newly introduced curated genres now give the user an advanced video-watching experience, as well as a vast, well-organized collection of subtitled videos. It is easier to look for subtitled videos of his or her choice from among English tutorials, television and movie clips, news, trailers, music videos and inspirational speeches.

Brand New Features

  • A one-time diagram screen provides a quick understanding of the application.
  • For new users, this version comes with a convenient tutorial to help them along. Plus, a one-time quick help on every new screen introduces them to its functions, one at a time. The experience is seamless and fun.
  • As an added perk, when users search for a word or phrase, it is highlighted in the search results to give a smooth finish to learning.
  • Now the user can also visit the Subcommune website, Facebook page and blog directly from the app.
  • For those who don’t want to sign up yet, it is possible to still check out Subcommune without signing in!

The Improved Vocabulary Building Features

Subcommune’s unique concept of improving English skills through subtitled videos just got better.

It is possible to search the meaning of subtitle text directly from the videos.

Users can plan and organize lessons with Sublists/Tags by creating customized folders.

Choosing multiple tags allows the user to view the common subtitles. Vocabulary lessons are now expertly arranged and professionally sorted.

The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play.


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