Different Features in a Wood Chipper

Wood chippers have both residential and commercial applications. They are designed to reduce leaves, lawn debris and wood into chips. The chips can then be used in organic composting material or recycled into new materials. The debris is placed into the hopper, which then feeds it into the wood chipper. Once the wood has been reduced to chips, the chute feeds it into the collection bin. There may be two chutes that separate leaf mulch and shredded material from chips. Choosing the right wood chipper for the job can mean exploring a variety of available features and finding those that best suit your needs. Efficiency, speed, maneuverability and safety may all play roles in your final selection.

A wood chipper can help you rid any property of seasonal clutter and storm damage easily and effectively. In some models, the upper feed roller is powered by a gearbox and drive shaft for mechanical feeding whereas other styles us hydraulic pumps and reservoirs and eliminate the need for external hydraulics. High-carbon steel blades offer maximum cutting ability, and blades are fixed to the flywheel with strong blade bolts that allow for fast, easy changing of the blades.

Several features allow users to better customize their chippers. Blowback shields or baffles can protect the operator from debris and blowback. Extended chutes allow the operator to control the direction of discharge and immediately load the chips into a truck or other receptacle, which can reduce the amount of time and work that would otherwise be needed to load the chipped material. Look for chutes that can swivel 360 degrees and lock into position easily. Safety bars are essential accessories that can disengage the feed rollers in an emergency. Double in-feed rollers can speed the chipping or shredding process by allowing the lower feed roller to smoothly pull debris and branches through when the upper feed roller maintains proper pressure for more even output.

Consumable parts are often available for purchase at the time of purchase. The nature of the work requires sharp blades, but the blades can become dulled after extensive use. Buying replacement blades and other optional parts can ensure you have the accessories you need on hand when you need them so that you never get behind in your landscaping or cleanup work. When shopping for a wood chipper, look for brands and companies that stand behind their equipment with warranties and friendly customer service.

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