Black By Ezard Restaurant Interior Design Raises The Tone

Australia – Since opening its doors 12 months ago, Black by Ezard has dazzled Sydney’s diners with its lavishly sophisticated design and top quality, innovative menu. Owned by Chef Teague Ezard and designed by Paul Kelly, Black is a contemporary Australian grill that treats guests to superior cuisine within a spectacular atmosphere. In the Black […]

Exceeding Expectations With Restaurant Design

It is innate in humans to appreciate great structures.  We still are amazed at the creation of the pyramids and how it was designed and built.   Of course, today, the structures are a lot more different but its intricacies still keeps us in awe.  Restaurant designed has greatly evolved to just coming up with a […]

Achieving World Class Restaurant Design

A great dining experience because of great food and ambiance are the reasons why people love to dine out. A comfortable feeling and being able to enjoy the food served in a cozy restaurant is very much appreciated by customers. Paul Kelly Design offers their clients the sophistication and distinctiveness which are necessary for successful […]

Black by Ezard with Teage Ezard: A Gateway to Better Designs

Bold food choices for serving, a bar to meet its customer’s needs and signature dishes are indeed important to restaurants at casinos that are meant to surprise and impress people.  However, another feature that restaurants at casinos now boast is their well thought design that adds to the unique dining experience.  Casino restaurants such as […]

Banner and Screen Printing Vancouver Company Launches its Own Site for their Clients’ Convenience

Designs of All Kinds, a newly launched web portal, has announced the availability of services that the company now provides through the internet; the services being offered by the said company is the design and production of banners, signs, vehicle wraps, uniforms, and many more. A company that provides the designing and manufacturing services to […]