Advanced Computer Services from Bantry Computers

The well known County Cork based computer company, Bantry computers, have just re-designed and re-launched their website with a new completely new look and an easy to navigate interface. The team at Bantry computers have over twenty years of experience in the computer and telecommunications industries, and can offer expert advice and sophisticated computer hardware […]

Researchers at Hong Kong Chinese University Store datasets in Bacteria

Technological advancements have facilitated governments across the world to archive data and records on online systems and devices. Massive computerization and perpetuation of Internet has helped many countries to move towards paperless economy. However, raising cybercrime and information warfare are threatening the basic utility of computers to store information. Countries such as United States, France […]

IT Security Researchers at ISU Combat Cyber war

The surge in cyber-attacks over the last year, use of cyber weapon such as Stuxnet on industrial installations and leakage of classified documents by WikiLeaks has made it inevitable for Internet security researchers to find new ways to deal with the challenges in the cyberspace. With the emergence of alleged state-sponsored cyber-attacks on rival countries […]

Free PC Help Website Now Operational and Begins in Providing People Solutions for their Computer Issues

People no longer have to pay for certain technicians to provide them help with their computers now that they can access computer help online; with a website called Free PC Help, people will be provided with assistance for free. Free PC Help website has been set in motion to provide people assistance with their computers […]

HostStore Offer Range Of Virtual Private Servers Available Through Their Online Store

San Diego, USA (February 11, 2010) – Industry leading, US web hosting and domain name provider, HostStore Inc., announce a range of virtual private server solutions that are available through their online store. Available at competitive rates, the current jewel in HostStore’s virtual server hosting crown is their VPS Ultimate hosting package. The VPS Ultimate […]