Why Opt for No Contract Cell Phones?

By: Jharedd Mzcinkgh When a person is deciding to purchase a new mobile phone or has a contract that is going to end real soon, he is faced with a dilemma. There are lots of great mobile phone deals out there so it is indeed a tough decision. Will he renew his contract? Will he […]

Buzport’s New Feature Adds Convenience and Slashes Costs for International Callers

Among many ways, Buzport can help you save money by making cheap international calls, here’s yet another feature, which is quickly gaining popularity and demand – using SIP. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an open source technology, which allows individuals and businesses everywhere, reduce the cost of international calls by merging free VoIP and connections […]

Technological Breakthrough that will Increase Call Center Productivity by at Least 60%

Miami, FL, June 23, 2011 — Nowadays, Call center owners and supervisors need to keep up with the growing trend of technology and telecommunications.  To remain competitive, they must invest in high expensive equipment and costly infrastructure and software.  Many companies don’t need to do this anymore if they invest in the right contact center […]

Project Management Made Easy with PeachyPeople.com

Project management involves planning, organising and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. In today’s business environment more and more businesses are understanding that having the correct project management policies and protocols in place is fundamental in terms of success and improving performance and knowledge sharing capabilities of […]